2024.06.14(Fri) - 10.13(Sun)

7F, Taiwan Science Education Center, Shilin, Taipei


2024.06.14(Fri) - 10.13(Sun)

7F, Taiwan Science Education Center, Shilin, Taipei

共创 / Co-Creation




2024.06.14(Fri) - 10.13(Sun)


Weekdays 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:00) Holidays 9:00-18:00 (last entry 17:00) * Summer vacation (˙7/1- 8/29) Same as holiday time 9:00- 18:00




7F, Taiwan Science Education Center 臺灣科學教育館 七樓南側特展區 No. 189, Shishang Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City


Advance:(4/24-6/13) single ticket:$390 pair of tickets:$750(two people are required to enter at the same time) three of tickets:$1120(three people are required to enter at the same time) Regular :(6/14-10/13) single ticket:weekdays$470/weekend$490 pair of tickets:weekdays$890/weekend$930 Children:weekdays$450/weekend$470(over 3 years old)&Student (Junior high and High School): Elderly citizens:$245(65 and above),Handicapped visitors (with card or manual) *Children under three are admitted free of charge.(with card or manual) *Re-entry is permitted. Further information will be announced at https://reurl.cc/ez8k1W


udnFunLife Co., LTD、teamLab Integrate Inc.


Taiwan Science Education Center、kitpas



*Daily 09:00~18:00, noon break on holidays is 12:00~13:00




MRT 1.MRT Jiantan Station (Exit 1) transport buses will stop at the Center. [Red 3, Red 30, 41] 2.MRT Shilin Station (Exit 1, across street) transport buses will stop at Shihlin District Hall(Shi Lin High School of Commerce).[ 255, 620, Red 3, Red 12] Buses 1. [620, Red 3, Red 12, Red 10] Get off at NTSEC station. 2. [255, 250, 620, Red 12]] Get off at Shi-Lin High School of Commerce station. 3. [41, Red 3, Red 12, Red 30]] Get off at Taipei Astronomical Museum (Shihlin District Hall) station. National Freeways 1. Jhongsing Bus [Shilin – Jhongli] Route 2. Guanghua (Keelung Buses) [Shilin – Keelung] Route Parking Lot 1. For the convenience of visitors, the Center has a visitor's only underground parking lot.















Notes on tickets

1. Single-person tickets can only be used by one person and cannot be used repeatedly; double-person tickets require two people to enter at the same time, and triple-person tickets require three people to enter at the same time and cannot be used separately.
2. Weekday tickets can only be used once from Monday to Friday that are not national holidays. If used on holidays (Saturday, Sunday, Mid-Autumn Festival on September 17, Double Ten Festival on October 10), the difference will need to be paid; if you hold a holiday ticket Used from Monday to Friday, the difference will not be refunded.
3. This ticket is a valuable ticket, please keep it properly. If it is lost, damaged, punched, altered, defaced, photocopied or torn, it will be deemed invalid and will not be returned or reissued.
4. This ticket is valid during the exhibition period (until October 13, 2024), and will be deemed invalid if it is overdue. Please go to the original ticket purchase channel before 2024/10/13 to request a refund or exchange. Late tickets will not be accepted. When purchasing a package, please note that the package package is complete and unused before the entire package can be refunded. For the refund and exchange procedures, please refer to the refund regulations of each channel.
5. The exhibition venue only accepts refunds for tickets sold at on-site ticket booths, and complete unused tickets, invoices, and credit card signatures must be attached.
6. Children under 3 years old can enter for free. They need to be accompanied by an adult with a ticket and relevant ID. If you do not bring the ID, you will be judged as to whether you are over 90 centimeters; the age calculation method is based on the actual age on the day of the visit. .
7. Those who qualify for free tickets should take the initiative to present their IDs for verification by service staff before entering. If they are not qualified, please purchase tickets based on their status; those who qualify for preferential status (preferential tickets, love tickets) cannot request partial refunds after entering with tickets. Pay or subsidize the ticket difference.
8. In order for the service staff to be clearly identifiable, persons with disabilities who are required to accompany them are required to enter the venue next to the persons with disabilities.
9. If there are any unanswered questions regarding the above matters, please refer to the official website and FB announcement. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the event.

Notes on visiting

1. Closing date: August 20, 2024. Exhibition opening hours: 09:00 - 17:00 on weekdays other than summer vacation (ticket sales and admission stop at 16:00), 09:00 - 18:00 (17:00 on holidays and summer vacation (7/1-8/29)) 00 to stop ticket sales and admission).
2. For safety reasons, entry is not permitted while wearing shoes with high heels above 3cm. Please come wearing comfortable shoes suitable for movement, such as athletic shoes.
3. Some exhibition areas provide limited edition drawing paper for visitors to paint. Drawing paper is not for sale and is not suitable for any marketing activities or monetary transactions. Resale is prohibited without the permission of the organizer; it is prohibited to sell or resell tickets at the exhibition venue. Violators will be dealt with according to law.
4. Strollers and large luggage must be placed outside the exhibition venue. The organizer does not provide storage services and is not responsible for personal property losses. Please keep your belongings and valuables by yourself. There are no restrooms or trash cans in the exhibition venue. Please go to the restrooms around the exhibition venue before entering.
5. You must take off your shoes and wear cotton socks when entering some exhibition areas. For hygiene and safety reasons, please bring your own cotton socks or you can purchase additional cotton socks on site. Wearing any shoes or going barefoot is prohibited.
6. In order to maintain the quality and safety of the exhibition, some exhibition areas have time, frequency and number restrictions. Please follow the instructions of the on-site service staff to queue up and enter. If you end the experience or leave midway, please queue up again if you want to interact again.
7. There is no barrier-free space in the venue. Due to safety management considerations, some facilities are not accessible to wheelchair users. Please forgive me. The number of wheelchairs is limited. If the venue is crowded, you may need to wait. Please follow the staff's guidance and wait. ,Thanks.
8. There is a height difference on the ground in some exhibition areas. Please pay attention to the safety of children traveling with you and your own safety. Wheelchairs are not allowed to enter.
9. This exhibition is open for photography and video recording, but please respect the intellectual property rights of the exhibition and the copyright of the works. In order to protect the rights and interests of other people viewing the exhibition, the use of auxiliary equipment such as flash, tripods, and selfie sticks is prohibited to avoid disturbing other visitors.
10. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the venue; playing, running, smoking, chewing gum and betel nut are prohibited.
11. Pets (except guide dogs), long-handled umbrellas, off-site drinks, off-site food, and various dangerous goods and contraband are not allowed inside the venue.
12. Please abide by the visiting routes, exhibition rules and instructions of on-site staff. The organizer will not be responsible for any injuries caused by improper behavior or failure to follow the instructions of staff. If there are large crowds, please wait in line in order; if there is any damage to the exhibits, compensation will be based on the price; if the relevant regulations of the visit are not followed and there is no intention to improve after persuasion, the organizer has the right to ask to leave, and tickets will not be refunded or compensated cost
13. You are not allowed to take commercial photos or interviews without prior permission.
14. If you need to re-enter after leaving the exhibition hall, you can get a repeat-entry wristband at the exit of the exhibition hall and line up again with the wristband at the entrance. Entry and exit are limited to the exhibition hours on that day.
15. If there are any changes to the exhibition business hours and regulations, please refer to the on-site or official fan club announcements. If there are any outstanding matters in the above matters, the organizer reserves the right to interpret the event.




teamLab是自2001年起开始活动的艺术团队。通过团队创作来探索艺术、科学、技术和自然界交汇点的国际性跨域艺术团队。由艺术家、程序员、工程师、CG动画师、数学家和建筑师等各个领域的专家组成。 teamLab想通过艺术,摸索人与世界的关系和新的认知。人类为了更好地认知世界,习惯性地把世界分割,并将其视为具有边界的事物。我们探索认知的边界,并试图超越人类对世界、对时间连续性的边界的认知。世间万物都是奇迹般地存在于积年累月且没有边界的连续性上的。 teamLab在纽约、伦敦、巴黎、新加坡、硅谷、北京、墨尔本等世界各地举办了艺术展。teamLab所开设的大型常设美术馆有位于东京台场的“teamLab Borderless”、位于东京丰洲的“teamLab Planets”、位于上海黄浦滨江的“teamLab 无界上海”、位于澳门的“澳门 teamLab 超自然空间”,位于北京的“teamLab无相艺术空间”等等。今后还将有更多的美术馆落地在汉堡、乌得勒支、吉达等地。 teamLab的作品被世界各大艺术机构收藏,如墨尔本维多利亚国家美术馆(墨尔本)、悉尼新南威尔士州美术馆(悉尼)、阿德莱德南澳大利亚艺术画廊(阿德莱德)、赫尔辛基阿莫斯·雷克斯美术馆(赫尔辛基)、旧金山亚洲艺术博物馆(旧金山)、洛杉矶现代美术馆(洛杉矶)、伊斯坦布尔Borusan当代艺术收藏馆(伊斯坦布尔)、纽约亚洲协会博物馆(纽约)。 Biographical Documents teamLab is represented by Pace Gallery, Martin Browne Contemporary and Ikkan Art.