teamLab Future Park

Temporary Closure

Taisetsu kamikawa Nukumo, Kamikawacho, Hokkaido


Collaborative Creation

teamLab Future Park is an experimental educational project based on the concept of collaborative creation (co-creation). It is an amusement park where people can enjoy creating the world freely with others.


  • Play! Programming for Geniuses

    Have fun whilst learning the basic ideas of programming. Make a drawing and see it move using a program that you have written.Color in the outlines of people and create a program on the tablet. Then...

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  • A Table where Little People Live

    This is a table where little people live.The little people run around the table, oblivious to us. However, if you put something, such as your hand, on top of the table, the little people will notice...

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Venue Details

Jul 13, 2019 - Permanent
10:00~17:30(Final entrance 16:00)
※ Held 5 times a day(Replacement system)
(1) 10 o'clock-(2) 11:30 o'clock-(3) 13 o'clock-(4) 14:30 o'clock-(5) 16 o'clock-
Closed every Tuesday
Taisetsukamikawa Nukumo
139-5 Toun,Kamikawacyo,Kamikawagun,Hokkaido,Japan

Admission Fee
Experience fee: 1,500 yen per person (for adults and children)

※ It becomes program for 4 years old or older.
※ Please experience with a parent (or a dependent or those equivalent to those over 20) accompanied by primary school children and younger. It is the charge for the number of people of the experience person.
※ If you have a disability certificate and an assistant (up to 1 person), the experience fee will be half.
Contact Us
Taisetsukamikawa Nukumo(10:00~17:00)
tel 01658-2-4000



6 minutes walk from JR Toun Station


10 minutes by car from JR Kamikawa Station
Asahikawa Monbetsu Expressway 6 minutes by car from Kamikawa Sounkyo IC


  • ※ If you exceed the capacity of 30 pairs may not be able to experience.

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