teamLab Future Park

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May 20 - Sep 19, 2021

Jiahui International Exchange Center, Xi'an, Shaanxi


Collaborative Creation

teamLab Future Park is an educational project based on the concept of "collaborative creativity, co-creation". It is an amusement park where you can enjoy the world creativity and freely with others.


  • Graffiti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn - Red List

    Graffiti Nature is created by you. The more animals and flowers that you draw and color, the more this nature world expands around you. Your drawing is somewhere in Graffiti Nature. Can you find...

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    Hopscotch for Geniuses

    This is a game of hopscotch where you hop on the circles, triangles, and squares in the water.When you land on the same shape several times in a row, a fish, butterfly, or bird is born. If you jump on...

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    Light Ball Orchestra

    Rolling a light-ball changes its color and sound. Combined, the light-balls form an orchestra! The overhead light-balls communicate with those on the floor, as one is touched,  the...

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  • Sliding through the Fruit Field

    This is a slide where fruit grows.Various kinds of fruit are growing on the slope. Balls are also bouncing around.You become the sunlight and slide down the slope. When your body collides with the...

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    Sketch Town

    Sketch Town is a town that grows and evolves according to the pictures drawn by children. After the 2-D drawings of the cars, buildings, UFOs, and spaceships are completed, they are scanned, become...

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  • A Table where Little People Live

    In this installation, little people run across the interactive screen of a tabletop around which children sit or stand. Children are encouraged to interact with the little people by placing objects on...

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Venue Details

May 20 - Sep 19, 2021
From 10:00- 21:30 (The last admission time 20:50)
Third Monday of every month
Jiahui International Exchange Center
No.9, Gaoxin No.2 Road, Gaoxin District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
Admission Fee
Early bird ticket - RMB 88
Adult All-day ticket- RMB 128
Adult Weekday ticket- RMB 108
Ticket for children under 140cm - RMB 98

Please make an appointment on event platform after purchasing tickets.
Special Sponsors
Shanghai Jinjing culture & creative Co., Ltd


    1. After purchasing tickets, visitors shall make an appointment on event platform, and visit the exhibition in the booking date and time after appointment. The venue will clear and sterilize after each time period. In order to ensure the length of each visitor's experience, please arrive on time, and the latest admission time is 40 minutes before the closing time of the day.
    2. Security check instructions: Please consciously cooperate with the security check. It is strictly forbidden to bring prohibited items such as controlled knives, flammable and explosive materials, and pets to enter the venue. There is a rest area at the entrance of the venue. Please do not bring food, beverages, bottled water, flowers, large bags and other items into the venue. Please apply for storage. There is a self-service locker on site. You are advised not to bring valuables into the venue.
    3. Do not use flashlights, tripods and other photographic equipment to take pictures in the venue.
    4. When the exhibition peaks, current limit may be implemented, please cooperate with on-site management.
    5. The equipment will be disinfected with alcohol after each section.
    6. Children under 140cm need to be accompanied by at least one adult guardian to enter the exhibition. One adult guardian can bring up to 2 children; children and adults need to purchase tickets and make an appointment to enter the venue. Please take care of the children during exhibition. If you encounter any problems, you can consult and seek help from the on-site staffs. 

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